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Re: is "Into Darkness" Quinto's last as Spock?

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Who is Deep Roy??? The little munchkin?
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Yep, Keesner. I think I read somewhere that he's a superstar in India.
I had to do a search for a photo to see who he was, and I remember him from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory as an Ooompa Loompa. He did very well in that.

About the alleged fighting with Pegg, I don't know, but I suspect he didn't want to be a sidekick. Honestly, I can't believe he played a Starfleet officer and they didn't bother to put him in a Starfleet uniform. I had the impression that he was Scotty's pet. That's not too good when he's supposed to be just as capable as any other officer. No one spoke to him or asked him any questions, and I don't know if he can even talk or what race he is. I hope he gets better development for an officer, like one or two speaking lines at least. And thanks for the link.

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Just to put things in perspective, remember that THE WRATH OF KHAN was supposed to be Nimoy's swan song as Spock.


And "Unification" . . . .

For all we know, an eighty-year-old Quinto will someday be playing Spock Prime 2.0 in the blockbuster reboot 2009's STAR TREK.
Greg, you sure do know how to hand out hope like lollipops.

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Deep Roy played the Oompa-Loompas (all of them) in the Tim Burton/Johnny Depp version of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.
Oh, I didn't remember that he played them all. That's some acting!

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If they kill off Uhura...
I'll not hear of it. I'll just expect that she lives and that she and Spock have a wonderful family some day.
MA'AM. Hot damn, I can dig it.

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