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Re: Star Trek Renegades

When I saw the trailer for this some weeks ago I didn't know whether to laugh or to cry. Honestly, this looks like the stupidest, most fanwanky thing they could have come up with. I really hated "Of Gods and Men", which – although acted pretty well – was really very badly written. The plot was so convoluted and pandering to Trek nerds, I couldn't believe people actually and genuinely liked this.

And now comes this, which looks even worse. Are those people, who actually worked on the show and who actually do have some acting chops, so disconnected to what actually makes Star Trek work? Do they really think this is what Trek fans want to see? Well I certainly don't.

Walter Koenig, as an actor and as a human being, is very dear to me. In fact, Chekov is my favorite supporting character from TOS. But seeing him associated with this really makes me doubt his judgement.
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