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Re: Louisiana petitions Obama for secession.

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When the Revolution took place and they declared themselves independent states, there were obviously some conflicts over who got this territory. Virginia, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, and probably a few others all felt they were entitled to the Northwest Territory. To resolve this dispute, all the states agreed to cede this land to the federal government. Over the years, other land has been ceded to the federal government for military bases, government facilities, etc. If Virginia were to secede, they would not be entitled to this land any more than they would be entitled to Ohio. Now this is different from whether they would be allowed to secede at all. As I mentioned earlier, Virginia entered the Articles of Confederation, which said the union would be permanent. However, if the situation were grave enough to be comparable to that of the American Revolution, I'm not one to rule out absolutes.
That makes sense, given that most of that disputed land has since become parts of other states. I will admit that, on a personal level, the manner in which West Virginia defined separate borders between it and Confederate Virginia has always struck me as a little strange, albeit not necessarily illegal. I suppose one might argue it was a convenience of war in some respects.

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