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Re: Star Wars The Clone Wars Season Five News and Discussion

^^ No and they likely won't; Anakin and Grevious have many headed battles in space but none in person until the very short encounter on the bridge of the Invisible Hand in ROTS. That's why this series always pairs off Anakin vs. Ventress or Dooku and Obi-Wan vs. Dooku or Grevious.

An improvement from last week but I'm enjoying neither this arc nor the entire season much so far. The action (or lack thereof) is too situated in one environment. It was switching around a bit this week, which was better.

I understand why it's so Ahsoka-centered but it's not doing it for me at all. Luckily there are heaps of past episodes to enjoy. I just think it's too much of Ahsoka on her own. Is this in contrast to all the Anakin and Ahsoka stories in the first part of the series? I do like Ahsoka but I was expecting something different from her teaching everyone everything. She teaches rebels to rebel, she teaches younglings to be young Jedi. Where is her master in all of this? Isn't an apprentice supposed to be with her master to, you know, learn things from him?

This was the first and only appearance of GG this season. Moar Grev, pls.
We've got eleven episodes left... also known as "two arcs" in Feloni-speak.
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