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Re: so THATS why some of the cast didn't like Diana Muldaur

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One thing I really want to know is if she was ever asked to return later in the series' run. I just think what a missed opportunity it would have been to see Pulaski and Crusher match wits in Season 5's "Ethics". I know she didn't like her time with Season 2, but Crosby didn't like her time during Season 1 and she returned 6 times (Yesterday's Enterprise, The Minds Eye, the two Redemption Episodes, and the Unification 2 parter).
I always got the impression that "Ethics" was handcrafted for that specific purpose, but it just never worked out that she would come back. Apparently, once she was done, she was done

It does seem odd she thinks Gene died after season two, but perhaps she only meant that after season two, Gene's influence was much diminished, which I bet it was
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