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Re: Dexter - Season 7 (with Spoilers)

Last week's episode I thought was kind of disappointing but the week before (the one that ended with the sex scene) was great. I loved all the sexual tension between Dexter and The-Blond-Of-This-Season.

I'm starting to wonder where the season storyline is going. I'm thinking LaGuerta will finally figure out that Dexter is a serial killer and try to extort Deb, then Deb will give the thumbs up for Dexter to kill her? She hasn't killed that I can remember but isn't she an antagonist? Seems like she keeps trying to screw with Deb's life/career.

LaGuerta is a bizarre character. What's her agenda? Her marriage to Angel raised more questions than it answered, then just stopped. In the earlier seasons it seemed like she's just waiting for an opportunity to crush Deb, but why? Now she wants her help? I wouldn't trust her. It's weird thinking back to the first few episodes that she had a crush on Dexter. I wonder if that played out more in the book.

And isn't Deb due for a nervous breakdown yet? How many of her love interests have ended up dead?
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