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In Memory Of...

...Our loved-ones. If you have lost a loved-one (family or friend) who you'd like to share about or if you need somewhere to talk, this is the thread for it.

On November 19, 1996, my big brother passed away. He died of hypoglycemia from type 1 diabetes, an inherited autoimmune disease. This time of year, my thoughts turn to him more often, and the memories and associations are usually happy ones. However, this year I've found myself sad and scared. This year has marked the first time in the 17 years since I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes that complications have developed, and rather selfishly, thinking of my brother has of late tended to start me off on gloomy contemplation of my own mortality. So, in an attempt to nourish the positive and celebratory feelings about his life, I decided to share more about him with the people I know, and this thread is a part of that. I also invite others who have lost loved-ones to share about them in this thread and keep their memories alive.

Christopher Robin (give my mom a break, she was only 18 when she named him! ):

He was a charmer from the start, and it was pretty much impossible not to love him:

He had a great sense of style and wanted to be a fashion designer:

He was out and proud, and I think he woud be very proud that the people of our home town, Seattle, this month helped to vote to end discrimination against gays in Washington State:

So here's to you, Christopher: January 10th 1980-November 19th 1996:


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