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Re: Mars Curiosity Rover... to land 10:31 pm 8/5/2012

That pic ^ makes me think of "Joe Tourist", standing in front of the Eiffel Tower with his arm outstretched so the camera can get him and the tower.

I think Curiosity was just trying to shut down the naysayers who claim its roving about the backlots of NASA or JPL instead of the surface of Mars.

I like this next pic... although I'm not sure why.

I wonder why the need for "white balancing". Sure, the pic on the right is what it would look like on earth with our "light"... but its not earth so who cares?

If they were to say that the pic on the right is what WE humans would see with our opitcal apparatus if we were on Mars... and the pic on the left was redder due to the Mars Curiosity optical apparatus, then I could understand the need to "white" balance.

Hey... an update ( #13 on 11/1/12) WITH my fav pic and the tourist pic!

Ahh, there is a 14th update too!

Hmmm and even an update 15. But it sounds like the guys on earth will be takingn Thanksgiving off, so don't expect another one this week.

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