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Re: The Vampire Diaries - Season 4

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tonite's ep was a mess. This season the show wants to do something then immediately undo it--kill Klaus--revive him, have Klaus leave town, return the next ep, have Klaus inside tyler then out of his head, bonnie's powers gone and then back tonite, love triangle angst resolved in season finale but back next ep once elena is a vampire, damon/stefan friends then back at it then friends, jeremy leaves town then returns to be a boring cypher, april attacked by connor memory erased then kidnapped by connor memory erased, rebekah on ice then rebekah alive then rebekah on ice then revived then back on ice etc etc etc
I'll admit, at times I've noticed some of that too, but I think overall it's made sense in context, and has worked perfectly fine.
It guts the whole point of what initially seems like a dramatic plot development since nothing is done with it before it is undone--pretty pointless.
Oh yeah then we have more pointless romantic spatting with Caroline, wolfgirl and Tyler--yawn--teenage girls might find this endlessly fascinating but I find it tedious and repetitive and shallow. how long until they make up
I can't complain to much about this storyline since it means we get more Phoebe Tonkin on a fairly regular basis.
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Yeah, sounds like Silas could be the "big bad" they were warned was coming.

And I'm a fan of David Alpay's (the professor) so I'm glad to see his character arc extending. Though he's playing such a smarmy bad guy that I'm looking forward to seeing Bonnie inevitably taking him down!
I'm wondering if Professor Shane is Silas.
Also glad Jeremy is getting something to do. And Matt too.
Yeah, agreed. They were seeming to struggle to find stuff for them to do for a while.
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js wrote: View Post

Though Jeremy just chopping at the hybrid at Caroline's command was brutal. Especially as Caroline knows what the other hybrids mean to Tyler. Not sure that really worked for me.
That was pretty cold and off. Surely they could have found someone else to brutally murder? I did not like them flipping a coin and randomly killing some poor kid just to do let's save Elena plot #4566.
Yeah, I was surprised they just did that without any real impact on the characters other than Tyler.
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