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Re: La-La Land to release 15-disc original series score set

Oh, and Indysolo slipped in another listing ahead of my post. I was right about Disc 4's contents. Let's see...

"The Enemy Within" and "The Conscience of the King" have never had any of the original recordings released, but both were on Label X's Star Trek Volume 2 album from 1985, arranged into symphonic suites by Clyde Allen and performed by the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Tony Bremner. Also there have been two album releases of versions of "Beyond Antares": an instrumental version on Leonard Nimoy's album Mr. Spock's Music from Outer Space, and a version sung by Nichelle Nichols on her album Out of This World.

Cues that have not previously had a version released include:

"Enemy Within":
Beam Up/The Evil Kirk
The Lascivious Captain
Kirk’s Log
Evil Fury
The Prone Body/Shivering Sulu/No Repair
What to Do?
The Evil Grin
Spock Takes Over
Evil Triumphs
Two Into One
One Captain Kirk

"Conscience of the King":
Dagger Sweet’ner/Go for Baroque/Play-Off
Dr. Leighton’s Face/Bridge #1
Quasi-Sex (Theme From Star Trek, jazz version)
Kirk and Lenore/He’s Dead
Spaceship/5 Sex and a /Play-Off #2
Spaceship Play-On/Toast and Corridor
Short Bridge
Play-On #2/Quick Ship/Phaser Overload
Kodos?/Voice Test
Play-Off #3
Ship Play-On/Woodwind Fanfare/Reilly Gone
Go for Baroque
I Know That Voice/All Ghosts Dead
Bridge #2

So, in other words, most of the score there, and the majority of "Enemy."

"Shore Leave" was released on GNP's Vol. 3; previously unreleased cues are:

Dummy/Like Real
Ruth to Commercial (2nd Ruth)
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