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Re: La-La Land to release 15-disc original series score set

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There's a preview up at with 5 tracks from various episodes. More sample tracks will apparently be published in the coming days. Those two fight themes rock! :-)
Ooh, more interior art at the link too, and a look at the liner notes. Okay, so "City on the Edge" will be on Disc 5, so I take it that means "Enemy Within," "Conscience," and "Shore Leave" will be on Disc 4. And yes, there is a page giving Mullendore's and Fried's bios together.

Ohh, my, and look at the information on those last couple of liner note pages! We get our first listing of library cues (from Season 2, Disc 3) -- and I hope there's some explanation of why cues from second-season episodes would be re-recorded as library cues within the second season, since that seems kind of redundant to me. (Maybe to change their beginnings/endings so they'd stand alone better?) And here's the big prize, credits for the "Way to Eden" songs! "Songs by Arthur Heinemann, Charles Napier, and Craig Robertson, Music Director: Wilbur Hatch." I'm surprised Hatch was still around after Paramount acquired Desilu.

And Courage did the Orion dance from "Whom Gods Destroy?" That's surprising. The credits for that episode said "Theme Music by Alexander Courage, Additional Music by Fred Steiner," so I've always assumed the dance was by Steiner.

Awesome that all the audio samples there are previously unreleased. Some great stuff there -- I've always loved Duning's "Metamorphosis" score. But the revelation there was Steiner's "Battle Music" from "Elaan of Troyius." I've always loved it, but hearing it in the clear for the first time, it's amazing how much grandeur and power and cinematic richness it has. It totally blew me away. I have to wonder if it was mixed badly in the episode soundtrack, because so much of its texture seemed to be lost.
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