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Re: Star Wars Episode 7 - 2015

There's been talk about whether the new trilogy will fit in with the EU or not, but I wonder what will happen to EU continuity it the movies are made out of line with them.

New books will have to tie in with the changes of the movies, and they may not be able to simply retcon certain things like they did with the Clone Wars. I mean, if there's no Mara Jade, different or no Solo kids, no Academy on Yavin IV, then you can't keep writing books where those things have happened.

So are we about to see a reboot of the post-Return of the Jedi books as well? I think so.

This could get especially weird because first we had books that continued the Star Wars universe with no knowledge of the prequels. Then we had books that did have knowledge of the prequels and began to tie the two eras together (that living planet from NJO, Vergere, Outbound Flight, among other elements), trying to keep the illusion on one big continuity. These included Clone Wars era books that always felt slightly out of step with those post-ROTJ. Now the Clone Wars era books will be able to stay in a reboot, but the post-ROTJ ones would have to start again. So will fans of the books get a decent ending to stories about Jaina and whoever else they haven't killed off yet from that continuity?
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