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Re: "Children of Time" Plot-hole Question

Sisko, you make an interesting point. The Changelings need to have photographic memory with all 5 senses to shapeshift accurately. So it follows that the older Odo must have an incredibly detailed, step-by-step memory of how to shift into various forms. That would include his human face. Since the primary form of communication between Changelings is linking, it also follows that that's how they teach their young to shapeshift. That would explain why all the other Changelings are better at it than Odo, who never received proper instruction. His style is more clever improvisation than systematic knowledge. That's why the other Changelings have assumed forms that never even occurred to him. Given that the older Odo has a perfect memory and that Changelings teach by linking, it follows that older Odo should have taught younger Odo more about shapeshifting.

That being said, one of the best things about DS9 was Odo's slow, awkward adolescence. Learning to appear human would be too great a leap forward, and would have deprived the character of that great sense of being isolated from the others.
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