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Re: Should Galaxy 4: Airlock have been released with the Tenth Planet?

Yeah, I'm aware of the math. But there are evidently going to be a lot of re-releases anyway; even if all three unscheduled unreleased stories come out by the anniversary, the "every three weeks" schedule will still demand four re-releases that haven't been announced even as unspecified re-releases, and the ratio will still be 10 re-releases to 6 originals. If they're willing to do 10:6, I don't think they'd balk at 12:4, especially if it allowed time-consuming animations for "Tenth Planet" and "Ice Warriors" to be completed (or, for that matter, the equally time-consuming colorisation of "Mind of Evil" 1 to be completed). The everything-out-by-the-anniversary notion was first put forth before the standalone re-releases began, and I think they may have complicated it. But I'm just going by something said at GB recently, and now I can't find it again among the mass of recent-schedule-whingeing, so I can't be sure.
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