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Re: Louisiana petitions Obama for secession.

Locutus of Bored wrote: View Post
Louisiana is not under the same arrangement as Puerto Rico or Micronesia ...
Admittedly no, but no state has ever left the union, so there no direct example to point to. The closest parallel we might have is a American territory separating to become a independent nation of it's own.

Alidar Jarok wrote: View Post
... Puerto Rico is not integrated so there's no disruption from severing it.
Most likely there would be disruption if a state left.

And I don't see Louisiana seceding under amicable circumstances where the government would be inclined to be generous.
I understand there was animosity when the Republic of Ireland was created, the British got over it.

Perhaps Louisiana (and any other states that separate) and what remains of the Federal government can form something like The Commonwealth of Nations (mostly the old British Empire). While independent nations, we will still share a common history, culture and society. Just not share a common government.

Don't see any reason the American Football league wouldn't continue as before. Not American citizens, but still Americans.

Squiggy wrote: View Post
The Federal government was then positioned by the residents of the Louisiana Territory to become a state.
And if they get enough Louisiana citizens behind this petition, the reverse could happen. The matter would go to the states, the American people would let their opinion be heard, and a decision would be made.

The way it should happen.

Every one of these comparisons you've posted has been more stupid than the last.
It okay Squiggy, for people to hold different opinions, I don't happen to agree with yours.

But you can of course have them.

The United States is NEVER going to allow any state to secede. End of story.
Time will tell. Historically, countries have divide before.

Unicron wrote: View Post
What about the land belonging to the original thirteen states?
Following the revolution, the thirteen original colonies, became thirteen separate sovereign countries. The articles of confederacy didn't make them one country, that happen later with the constitution.

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