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Re: What are your top 5 technologies of the next 15 years?

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So you'd rather go to the bank and withdraw hundreds or thousands of pounds to pay for things like a new TV, new car etc... Using RFID technology in your mobile would be similar to contactless payment, or a card.

True the biggest issue is security at least with Chip and Pin technology in cards even if you lose or have your wallet stolen a person would have to know your pin to use your card.
For large purchases, cards are preferable, obviously, but for small purchases, why should I make it easy for my transactions to be tracked? Privacy, etc...

As for automated cars it could massively improve capcity on roads, instead of having to keep two+ seconds behind a car, a computer would be able to run cars virtually bumper to bumper. It would be able to adapt the speed to the conditions so could potentially go at faster speeds, or slower depending on conditions. The biggest task is not so much the technological problems, they can be overcome. But the human element.
Might make the roads safer with less stupid people behind the wheel, but as somebody with a triple-digit IQ and a good sense of car control, I'd rather drive properly, without any electronic nannying, let alone without any input whatsoever.
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