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I have this feeling that uhura will play a very important role in the new film. As I am female fan, I for one am glad even though I know that it will piss of many TOS Trek fans who are already pissed at JJ Abrams Trek, Most people define TOS trek as the Kirk and Spock show with a little bit of Bones. Everybody else is just................oh well.

If you judge by the countdown comic for the first film, the characters that got front page in the comic book had a major influence on the plot. Secondly if you guys remember the leaked pictures, she and Spock where fighting Cummberbatch’s character and if I where to guess what happened based on those pictures, Cummberbatch beats up Spock and attacks her as you see her alone with Cummberbatch’s character holding a phraser to his face.

Perhaps he breaks her hand.

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