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Re: Glee - Season Four

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Okay, I missed the first episode of the latest batch. (What, Glee was back? Why did nobody tell me?) But I caught this week's "Grease"-themed ep. A couple questions:

1) What's the story with Finn and Sue? He insulted her baby or something? Is there something wrong with her baby?

2) Finn is in charge of Glee club now?

3) Who is the new guy, the one playing Danny in "Grease"?
I'm not sure exactly what, but Sue's baby has a condition and during an argument Finn called her baby retarded.

Finn was directionless and pretty much had nowhere to go, so he was helping out Will with the club and then once Will's new position came through he suggested that Finn take over.

The new guy is someone Finn recruited from the football team because nobody else wanted to play Danny in Grease.
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