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Re: What are your top 5 technologies of the next 15 years?

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1) Autonomous cars. Maybe not fully like we saw in Demolition Man (and countless other movies) but we are already headed there.

2) Flexible, foldable display screens/touch interfaces. Your iPhone will be a pen and you'll unroll the screen out of it.

3) Your phone will be your wallet. All of your cards, everything, will be digitally stored on your phone and accessed via RFID.

4) You will control your iTV by talking to it.

5) Your computer will be able to satisfy you sexually...
1. No thanks
2. Touch screen interfaces are stupid
3. No thanks, I'd rather pay with cash if I'm buying something in person
4. No I won't
5. It already does, if internet porn counts?

Also, smart phones and tablets are stupid.
So you'd rather go to the bank and withdraw hundreds or thousands of pounds to pay for things like a new TV, new car etc... Using RFID technology in your mobile would be similar to contactless payment, or a card.

True the biggest issue is security at least with Chip and Pin technology in cards even if you lose or have your wallet stolen a person would have to know your pin to use your card.

As for automated cars it could massively improve capcity on roads, instead of having to keep two+ seconds behind a car, a computer would be able to run cars virtually bumper to bumper. It would be able to adapt the speed to the conditions so could potentially go at faster speeds, or slower depending on conditions. The biggest task is not so much the technological problems, they can be overcome. But the human element.

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^ Actually, smartphones and tablets would be pretty neat if they weren't... well, smartphones and tablets.

I'm using a MacBook Air right now, as it is the only computer I own; I also have an iPad my dad gave me for Christmas last year and a 5 year old iPod touch. That's three devices I have where there should only be one.

If I could merge the MacBook and the iPad, it would be absolutely perfect; say, a touchscreen for when you need a tablet, and also have a wireless keyboard in the case for when you need a laptop.

Just seems to me tablets would be a lot more useful if developers gave you the option of using them as regular computers if that's what you really need, or switching seamlessly into "mobile mode" or something.
You know I'm sure that there is this new tablet that's been released that you can attach a keybopard to, the Surface by Microsoft.
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