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Re: Louisiana petitions Obama for secession.

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Puerto Rico has sufficiently different circumstances to not make this an apples to apples comparison. They already owned the land when they were independent of the United States. There was no state of Louisiana independent of the United States and the overwhelming majority of people who live there are descendants of US settlers.
What about the land belonging to the original thirteen states? If, just for the sake of argument, one or more of them wanted to leave and if it could somehow be done fairly easily and amicably, would those states have any claim to land or resources they possess under the current system? And if the Union holds that newly admitted states have the same standing and rights as older states, could they make the argument that such an arrangement would be due to them if they wanted to leave?

I see what you're saying, I'm just a little skeptical about the claim that a newly independent state can't claim territory if it never existed independently of the Union before.

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