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Re: Iron Man 3 Discussion/Photos/ETC.

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Because like everyone else I do like a good bit of popcorn entertainment. I thought Avengers was a lot of fun. Upon examination, at least half of that script was total BS, but I don't always notice at first. Same with the trailer. I saw it, liked the fact it was moody, and was enthusiastic. Then some weeks passed, and I was talking to friends about it, and realized that Stark is a character that's already been played out. So has Bruce Wayne. And Peter Parker.. all those guys. Then I saw Cloud Atlas which has real ideas. I started writing, thinking, writing, and watching things again.

Then I realized that this new film is tripe, that it's cultural diarrhea, to borrow a phrase. I was pulled in like everyone else, there you have it.

I love how your are judging a film that's not even released yet. The sure sign of an educated mind who has no time for cultural diarrhea.
Go watch the damned thing, THEN judge. If you hate it then, fine. But don't get all high and mighty and preachy because you saw something that's being labled as meaningfull by a few and has thus changed your life.

I can't stand it when people proclaim how movies MUST make people think, and realize, and ponder the meaning of life. Hell, movies were made to enterain. Some of the first images ever to be put on film were frickin porn. How's that for the cultural media of film?
Bleh. Some movies are thought provocotive, others are just dumb entertianment. Both have their values, by their own standards.

And if it took you weeks to realize that Avengers isn't exactly Oscar-material, you need to start wondering just how strong a judge you are when it comes to condeming movies.
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