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Re: Project: Potemkin, a Star Trek Fan Film

On November 17th 2012, the cast and crew of Project: Potemkin completed another vignette, "The Shovel of Kahless."

Starring Jeffrey Green as Captain Grigory, Bill Mackenzie as Lt. Commander Caley, Renda Carr as Dr. Drake and Richard Thorton as Lt. Frazier. Guest starring William C. Searcy as Corporal Khomar (Ret.), Ashley Longacre as Qem'Bo, Eric Holt and Jeremy Ellenberg as the sons of Khomar. Also starring Jack Zumwalt as Captain Kesh, Robert Ladimer as Voltar, Tom Knighton as Bob Petaki. With Keith Harris as Carter Winston. Directed by Sara Higgins Mackenzie. Hosted by Linda Marcusky and Kim Landers. Produced by Randall Landers.

All in all, it was a terrific shoot with the whole cast helping out with the makeup and the production in general. The Klingon cast members were called at 9:00am, and they ended up looking terrific.

Check out more pictures on our Facebook group:
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