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Re: What are your top 5 technologies of the next 15 years?

Something like the Surface, only with a better keyboard and with better, less locked in hardware/software would definitely be neat, but pointless, when you consider that ‘Ultrabook’-type laptops are just as portable (albeit not as convenient, as laptops can only be used when they're opened up or have a mouse/keyboard/screen plugged into them) and have more room inside to cool better hardware.

A decent laptop and a decent phone are far better than a tablet, anyway. If you have things set up properly, you can just set up some kind of ad hoc wireless connection (with IPSec over the top of it) between the laptop and the phone and use it to keep your data synced over some kind of network filesystem/file transfer protocol or some proprietary syncing system (screw using "cloud" services, seriously), and to get internet on the laptop (without having to go through dirty, insecure public wifi).
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