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Re: Best Place To Which You've Ever Traveled

I think that different places can be great, depending on what you are looking for. I love Norwich, Norfolk in England. It's my grandmother's home town. I like sitting in my great aunt and uncle's home, or in their backyard, enjoying their English garden. I enjoy staying in this small B&B run by a really nice couple, and they have cats and a coy pond. It's not a big, fancy hotel but I think it suits the locale. I like walking around downtown, checking out the 900-year-old cathedral, the castle and the shops. The people here are incredibly nice. I'd say it's a little more authentic "English" than staying in London (though I enjoy London, too).

One of my favorite vacations was to Providenciales, Turks and Caicos. I took this trip by myself with the sole intention of escaping from reality for a few days. It was exactly what I wanted. Staying at a 5-star resort didn't hurt, either. I've never seen beaches so nice, or water that bright and clear. I would just walk along the beach for an hour here, an hour there. I also went scuba diving for the first time and got to see beautiful sea life.
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