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Re: Celebrity paradoxes

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I never said I didn't "like" the ship being named Enterprise, simply exploring a realistic reason for a models absence from a wall.
I don't see going for the alternate universe/changed timeline solution as realistic.
Me neither. Enterprise always happened; there was never a timeline (outside of the 'Borg assimilated Earth' one that's seen briefly in ST:FC) where it did not. Picard and co. changed nothing in that film, except putting things back the way they always were. ENT is not a result of Picard's actions. In-universe, even TOS existed in a timeline where ENT has already happened.

As for why the NX-01 wasn't in the rec room scene in TMP: Do we really need to go through this shit again? For the thousandth fucking time: Not every real world Enterprise was in it either. For instance, it only had the FIRST aircraft carrier, not the second. Yet obviously both carriers exist. They simply had to pick and choose which ships to show in that scene. Just because the NX wasn't in it, doesn't mean it didn't exist!
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