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Re: Star Wars Episode 7 - 2015

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This is incorrect.
No it's not. Superheroes are an incredibly safe bet and there's nothing at all risky about the Marvel films. Marvel has been doing better than its competitors, but it's doing better at something that had already been proven to be the material for multiple box office hits.

Yeah, some superhero films have bombed and bombed hard. There were also Westerns that flopped back when that was safe.
That is a very recent phenomenon. For years, super-hero movies could not get made because they were such a risk. Marvel as very recently (since Iron Man) found a winning formula that has yet to be replicated by DC.

If Disney messes up with Star Wars VII, the brand is in trouble. They may have a name but they need to knock it out of the park.

It is like Apple products. They have been doing extremely well for about ten years now--but if they mess up a couple of more times then they will be on the bottom again fairly quickly.
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