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Re: TNG Caption This! 292: Unexpected Situations

Picard: "Beverly, is it necessary that you project Data's MRI on the bridge? We all believe his claim that he's fully functional and programmed with multiple techniques."

Crusher: "Jean-Luc, what are you talking about?"

Riker (entering bridge from turbolift): "Like my MRI, Captain? Pretty impressive, huh?"

Picard had yet to learn that if you want to impress a starship crew-woman on a first date, you don't take her to a planetarium.

Data: "Is this my best angle?"

La Forge (to self): "Maybe this wasn't the best time to activate his vanity subroutine?"

Riker: "That Picard is a pompous windbag. I'd make a better captain than him any day."

<brief pause>

Riker: "Well, how did everyone like my totally fictional dramatization?"

Riker (sotto voce): "He's right behind me, isn't he?"
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