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Re: teacake does Stargate: punch it

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Greatness is Walter there to call out the chevron dialing sequence or announce an incoming wormhole, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, for ten years, without a vacation or even a pee break.
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I was actually surprised to discover Walter wasn't in every gate dialing scene. I believe it was early on when he got time off, but, yea, later, he's always there (Unless that's backwards?). Still probably the most Guest starring episodes of any actor on the show
Throughout season 1 Walter does seem to be the SGC's only gate dialling technician. However, he has only a handful of appearances throughout seasons 2 and 3 (six in each). Thorughout these seasons gate dialling was handled by others such as Laura Davis, Graham Simmons, Russell Benson and Vern Alberts. Walter steps in more frequently in season 4 though the above do appear a few times. By season 5 through to the end Walter is essentially the only dialling technician in the SGC, with rare exceptions.

Walter has made a grand total of 108 appearances on SG-1 plus the two DVD movies, 12 Atlantis episodes and one SGU.

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I was shocked at the Goa'uld eating the symbionts. SHOCKED. And they are suffering a population slump because of this? How many of these things do they eat? Why do they eat them? Do they secretly hate them? Do they fear the competition and want to remain the only system lords?
According to the DVD commentary this was to address what some felt was a plot hole: if every Jaffa has a symbiote, why aren't there more Goa'uld than we see?
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