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Re: Did we know about the Borg sooner?

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You know, I was watching Voyager Flashback and ...
I take it you haven't seen the Enterprise episode "Regeneration", where Captain Archer fights the Borg 200 years before "Q Who"?
But at the time of Q-who, Picard and the Enterprise E hadn't yet traveled back in time.

And Borg wreckage hadn't been dumped in Antarctic.

And historically Lily was probably aboard the phoenix warp flight.

And historically the NX-01 wasn't named "Enterprise."

And the NX-01 never encountered the Borg during it's voyages.

When Picard and crew were in the 21st century (FC) their actions and those of the Borg changed history. But there was a original unaltered history prior to those changes.

At the time of Q-who, the original history was still in place.

But those are effects of an event (cause) which hasn't happened yet.
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