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Re: TheGodBen Revisits Deep Space Nine

Sorry for the unintentional break. I stayed up until 7am a few weeks back to watch the election in the US and that upset my sleep-cycle. Since I watch DS9 late at night, I was usually too tired to watch it and therefore had no impetus to get back to reviewing.

Who Mourns for Morn? (***)

Deep Space Nine is filmed before a live studio audience.

QUARK: Something bothering you, Morgan?
CAPT BATESON: Oh, nothing really, Quark. Lanel and I just had another fight.
QUARK: Oh, what about?
BATESON: Well, the other night she caught me in bed with Saavik.
ROM: You know, back in Hanover we don't take kindly to men cheating on their wife with another woman. Or horses.
BATESON: ...People cheated on their wives with horses, Rom?
ROM: No, we just didn't take kindly to horses.
*Morn enters*
LEETA: Mornan.
ROM: How's life treating you, Mr Sertopen?
MORN: ...
QUARK: That bad, huh? Well, what would you say to a beer?
MORN: ...
QUARK: Okay, a cold one it is.
I'm a bit reluctant about episodes like this, writing an entire episode about a one-joke character is a pit-fall that a lot of shows fall into when they reach their later seasons. This episode mostly works, but at the expense of completely overextending the Morn joke. He was just an ordinary guy living an ordinary life in exceptional circumstances, and his main joy in life was hanging out at the bar with his friends. And he did all that without ever saying a word. But now he's a daring thief with brilliant schemes who dates beautiful women and is an expert bat'leth fighter, and now he's rich too. To enjoy the Morn joke, you kinda have to pretend this episode doesn't exist.

The episode itself was reasonably enjoyable, but fairly predicable all the same. It's one of those fluff episodes that you can enjoy if you're willing to turn off your brain, and I guess I was in the mood to do that the other night. That being said, this is the second Quark-centric comedy episode in the last three episodes, which is poor episode placement while there's a war going on. Not every episode of DS9 from this point on should be about the war, but episodes like this should be spaced out a little more.
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