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Re: Rank the Bond actors

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Go read Fleming - Bond isn't dashing and funny. Bond doesn't enjoy himself. At best Bond extracts pleasure in an almost cruel way. He's dark and embittered as well as charming and sophisticated. Joy doesn't really come into it.
I've read Fleming. And while I agree, the literary Bond is more serious than most of the movies pre-Craig, I'm also getting a bit tired of Craig fans arguing, Fleming's Bond was as dark and gritty as Craig. Actually, Fleming had a sense of humour about Bond and his adventures.
Why else would he give the girls names like Veper Lynd (a pub on West Berlin), Tiffany Case, Gala Brand or Pussy Galore?
Why else would he have larger than life villains like Dr No or Auric Goldfinger?
And why would he write Bond into quite fantastic plots like in 'Moonraker', 'Dr No', 'Thunderball' or 'On her Majesty's Secret Service'?
Have you ever read 'From a View to a Kill'? It has a subterranean Russian secret hide-out accessed through a sliding rock.

Granted, the dark and gritty outwheighs the more funny and fantastic in quantity in the novels, but that doesn't mean the dark and gritty Bond is the only valid one.

Besides, I find Craig to be even more brooding than Fleming's Bond. When we talk actor's interpretation being close to the novels, I'd say Dalton was closer than Craig. And not barely, either.

That said, as someone who prefers his Bond-movies not as dark and gritty, I've reached the state of mind that I'm content with the current movies just not being to my taste, because it doesn't mean they'll stay that way forever. There's been dark and gritty before (although to a lesser degree) and it passed, so this, I guess, won't be any different.
I would think the way that the film reboot is going, putting in place the new M, Q and Moneypenny, they will develop a slightly lighter touch and bring back a bit more humour in the next couple...
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