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Re: The Walking Dead Season 3

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I'm pretty sure that Carol was being watched after Rick chased Andrew (I think that was the name of the prisoner who Rick off and everyone thought was killed) away.
I was pretty sure that Tomas was still alive when we saw the Caesarian scene (particularly since Rick finally turning on the prisoners happens fairly late in the episode), but I'd have to rewatch it to be sure.

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Unless I am not remembering correctly, the last time we saw her T-dog was sacrificing himself to save her and she just was never heard from again.
Yup. That Carol hasn't appeared at all so far does suggest something has happened to her, though, hence the likelihood of a Woodbury abduction or some other problem. I guess the problem re: Woodbury is if any of the characters we know from there has been absent lately. I don't think we've seen some of the Governor's supernumeraries in a while, they might have done this.
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