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Re: Firefly first-time/rewatch (NO SPOILERS, please)

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I don't know if it's reflected in "The Train Job" or not, but the suits at FOX also wanted Mal to be a bit more kinder and gentler than he was in the Pilot "Serenity." He had too much a dark streak for their tastes. At least, that's what I've read over the years on DBs.

Train Job was the first episode that aired. I watched it. I initially couldn't get over the mix of sci-fi and Old West. I'm glad I rewatched the show later in proper production order.
I'm glad that they did this because he was kind of mean. He had some good moments, but he was a little too pushy to people that didn't require that, like Simon.
MA'AM. Hot damn, I can dig it.

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