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Re: Rank the Bond actors

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Craig is a good actor and the movies are well made, but I don't feel like the last three movies were really James Bond. He's too dour and serious and grim. Bond is supposed to be suave and dashing and funny.
There are hints of it here and there, but overall I agree. I haven't seen Skyfall yet, but there is a definite lack of opportunities for his Bond to enjoy himself thus far. We may enjoy watching his adventures and his action and whatnot, but he never seems to be having a good time and it brings the character down.

For me the top two are Connery and Brosnan, Craig and Dalton would stand a bit above Moore and Lazenby in my book.
Go read Fleming - Bond isn't dashing and funny. Bond doesn't enjoy himself. At best Bond extracts pleasure in an almost cruel way. He's dark and embittered as well as charming and sophisticated. Joy doesn't really come into it.
Don't care what the character is like in the books. Books and film are entirely different mediums. If they made a Bond TV show they could get away with the dourness and the angst and the bitterness and slowly develop the character in a way that won't turn us off of him. The Bond film franchise on the other hand is about watching a spy sashay through a party, kill an assassin, disarm a bomb and save the world all without spilling his watered down martini.
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