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Re: So What Are you Reading?: Generations

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He made it sound like contuinity does not matter at all.
Okay, but I don't think that was what he going for. To me it sounded like he was saying that fiction is not always historically accurate to begin with, so when the official continuity of a franchise shifts like this and renders previously released tie-ins inaccurate, a good way of approaching it is the same way you would approach historical fiction. Abraham Lincoln didn't really fight vampires, but that doesn't stop someone from enjoying "Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter." Apply that to the Star Wars universe and New Jedi Order becomes "Luke Skywalker, Yuuzhan Vong Hunter."

Or to put it in a Star Trek context, just because The Next Generation made Diane Duanne's Rihannsu books inaccurate doesn't mean you can't still enjoy them as an alternate history of the Romulans.

Film always trumps print. I think it was a mistake on the part of Lucasfilm to always talk about the EU being canon in the first place imho, because it all hinged on there not being any plans of actually making more movies. So now instead of simply having some inaccurate tie-ins, the official canon is going to end up changing, which is harder for many fans to accept.
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