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Re: Dogfish Head's newest Ancient Ale: Etruscan Beer

Owain Taggart wrote: View Post
Are they still making episodes of Brewmasters? That was a fun show.
Sadly, no. According to Discovery channel, it was only supposed to last a couple of episodes. According to Anthony Bourdain (travel channel guy who travels around the world eating), it got cancelled because the big beer companies said they would pull their sponsorship otherwise.

6079SmithW wrote: View Post
Thank you for making this thread, Alidar Jarok. It inspired me to go and buy some beer from this company and I'm very pleased. I got Midas Touch and Palo Santo Marron. I love the Palo Santo as it has a very rich caramel taste and a creamy texture. Midas Touch tastes more like wine but it has a beer aftertaste. Interesting stuff.
Good choices, both are among my favorites.

Deranged Nasat wrote: View Post
Unfortunately for me, I don't think Dogfish Head distribute over on my side of the Atlantic anymore. If they did, I'd pop out and give some of their variants a try.
Yeah, unfortunately, they don't even have enough production to cover the entire United States. They would definitely do much to improve the reputation of American beer internationally, but they're still too small scale to actually pull it off. I'm sort of in the opposite boat, since I'm curious to try all three variants of this Etruscan beer and two of them are in Italy.
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