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Re: Skyfall - Grading & Discussion

I'm honestly shocked by the amount of praise this movie is receiving. I found it incredibly dull and very non-Bondian despite all the references to other Bond films. It felt more like something from Burn Notice or one of the Bourne movies, and Silva was easily one of the most irritating, annoying, and insipid villains of recent films. His master plan relied entirely on the stupidity of the screenwriters, as did Bond's. "Herp a derp, I'm the most geniusest of computer geniuses!" decrees Q as he plugs MI6's entire network directly into the computer system of a crazy superhacker.

And I'm not kidding about the Burn Notice reference. I'm almost positive that I've seen most of those "ingenious" traps Bond and M set up in the mansion on the show. Nevermind that the whole thing was so completely non-Bondish in and of itself. And why the Hell didn't M smack the everliving fuck out of the groundskeeper if he was waving that flashlight around after they got out of the tunnel? Hell, I'm not even sure what kind of sanctuary they expected to have at the church seeing the only reason to have left the tunnels in the first place was because they knew Silva and his crew would go hunting for them once they discovered there were no bodies inside the mansion itse...

You know what, there's just too much to rant about this movie. When I go to see a Bond movie, I expect to see a Bond movie. A smooth superspy with cool gadgets, over the top action scenes, and lots of womanizing complete with hot chicks with ridiculous names. If I want to watch a cheap knock-off of a Bourne movie, I'll watch something else.
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