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Re: Star Trek Renegades Kickstarted ending soon

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Er, I wasn't aware Star Trek needed to be brought back. Isn't there a big new movie due out next year?
Really? There's an active series right now we can indulge in on the TV with (mostly) weekly premiers? Why didn't anyone tell me?

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$200,000 just seems extremely steep for a fan film.
Considering that most series like this have a $1 million budget per episode, $200,000 is like scrapping. Most of the people involved in this are doing it for love and not money.

But beyond that, you have to keep in mind, not only did the company who originally did all the props for Star Trek sell off EVERYTHING (IE No access available today) they need to spend a ton of money making new props, sets, etc.

I doubt many of the cast and crew are taking much of a cut of this cash. A lot of it is going towards trying to make a truly production quality set and special effects.

The previous "fan" trek attempts were pretty good, but lets face it, they weren't ever close to any of the production runs. They worked with what they had and did the best they could. This time around, this movie is looking to make a pitch at a new series. It has to be 100% production quality.

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Have to agree about the Khan element, if they want their Captain to have enhanced abilities include a Vulcan ancestor (just not Spock ot T'Pol), or create a new species that would do the job just as well without rehashing the genetically engineered. Also if you were related to one of Earth's greatest villans, wouldn't you go to great pains to hide that fact?

I'm on a wait and see approach to this, not sure how exactly I feel towards it. I will say though, I quite like the compact design of the ship they've got, and the blend between Klingon BoP and INS scout is interesting.
It's not like we haven't had world leaders related to very villainous persons in history.

I think this idea of having a "child of Khan" has some serious potential to it. Considering the Federation's outlook on genetic engineering, one has to assume Lexxa Singh earned her commission (originally, since she's apparently not in Star Fleet any longer) through Section 37, who I'd bet recruited her for "enhanced attributes".

Like I said earlier, there's also a certain appeal to a character like this who is the off spring of a villain who's trying to do great good. If anyone has ever played the Castlevania series, you know what I'm talking about! Not to mention, with the stigma of being Khans descendant hanging over her head, it probably gives her the ability to walk the line between being the good guy and the bad guy at the same line, much like Ro Laren could.
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