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Re: teacake does Stargate: punch it

Last Stand: Okay I teared up at the end of this. When I'm watching these eps I make notes throughout because I have the memory of a toilet. This is what I wrote a couple scenes into this episode:

I think I am having a Carter/Elliot spasm
Because you know.. Martouf loved her but now his symbiont is in Elliot. And Elliot is young, just a greenling but there is that whole added dynamic of the boy with a several lifetimes worth of wisdom and memories suddenly a part of his boyness. And Carter is a lot older, a lot more savvy than Elliot but a lot less experienced than Elliot's symbiont and all of a sudden that's a very interesting romance. Fast forward three quarters through the episode and Elliot's telling her that "he" loved her and "he" it seems is not only Martouf but the symbiont itself. And THAT is even more interesting.


Okay the rest of it..

I was shocked at the Goa'uld eating the symbionts. SHOCKED. And they are suffering a population slump because of this? How many of these things do they eat? Why do they eat them? Do they secretly hate them? Do they fear the competition and want to remain the only system lords?

What an excellent series to raise so many questions. Don't answer these questions please! I am wanting to remain spoiler free.

To recap in pics..

Zipacna, OH Zipacna.. the sneer on this one. I'm in awe.

And then we have Sarah, so much more interesting and hot as Osiris:

And finally..

I'm very sad about this.

Poor kid. Poor symbiont.

I need a cup of tea.

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