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Re: Rank the Bond actors

1. Craig -- he's a terrific actor and I've liked the most recent take on the franchise.

2. Connery -- in many ways, the de facto screen Bond (and not simply because he was first), but his disengagement with the role manifested itself in his last two or three films to an unfortunate degree.

3. Dalton -- I liked his grittier take on the character, but he didn't last long enough in the role to place any higher on the list.

4. Brosnan -- he's an excellent actor and did very well in the role, but he was saddled with three scripts that were okay, and one that was awful.

5. Lazenby -- I've always disliked his lone entry into the series, but, to be fair, he didn't have long to make an impression.

6. Moore -- the nadir of the franchise, Moore never was able to grant the character the dark edge it needed, and he was too old for the part the first time he played it.
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