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Re: Q is a pathetic loser

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Its just stupid that Q wants to have a child because he thinks that will stop the Q civil war, but he puts all his effort into trying to sleep with Janeway, when there are millions easier ways for him to have a kid and time is a factor. Q may not be good guy but he should care about the fate of his own people, this just makes Q look incompetent, its not a well written episode. Q is only a "pathetic loser" because that episode is badly written.
See that's the thing. He cares about his people but at the end of the day it's all about the PRIZE. The prize of winning the starship captain's bed and heart and the prize of saving his people. The prize is his ultimate goal.

This is why he is a pathetic loser.
That's out of character, Q knows when he can indulge in such whims and when he has to get serious to fix real problems. If Q was that childish, he never would tried to help Picard in All Good things or try to teach Picard a lesson about life in Tapestry, he would have just randomly trolled Picard from time to time and never tried to help him. Q has more dimensions then that, but that Voyager episode presented Q more as a caricature, rather then a character. Q wouldn't have wasted time indulging whims when the stakes are that high, he would have gotten serious.

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It's canon so y'all are going to have to suck it up.
So is a bunch of other badly written episodes of Star Trek, it doesn't make them any less badly written. Q is just a written character in TNG, in Voyager he is a pale intimidation of himself.
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