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Re: Q is a pathetic loser

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Ooo don't quote that sf dude to me. I will not read him. If he wants my esteem let him come here and post!

He wanted Janeway and he wanted Picard because they had strong personalities and were leaders of their ships. He could have a child with a freaking farm animal if he wanted to, but the hint of mutuality is what he sought. If you're going to look for mutuality that flatters you than you start at the top.
He is just a reviewer, why would he come here and why would he care one way or the other about your esteem? The review does make some good points on why that episode completely sucks.

Its just stupid that Q wants to have a child because he thinks that will stop the Q civil war, but he puts all his effort into trying to sleep with Janeway, when there are millions easier ways for him to have a kid and time is a factor. Q may not be good guy but he should care about the fate of his own people, this just makes Q look incompetent, its not a well written episode. Q is only a "pathetic loser" because that episode is badly written.

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There is no good reason why Q would spend all that time trying to woo Janeway, when all he wants is a to have a child.
Sure he can do it way easier in other ways, but I imagine that he liked the challenge of trying to seduce Janeway. Q seems to have a thing for Starfleet captains. Why else would he have himself wearing a Captain's uniform all the time?

Also no, I doubt Q would have ever magicked the Voyager crew himself. He would have wanted them to earn it.

I always thought the map Q gave them at the end of Q2 was his way of him pointing them in the direction of the Borg transwarp hub in Endgame, to take care of a problem for him (Maybe there was a rule for the Q themselves to not provoke them).

Besides, Janeway was the Borg asskicker wasn't she?
Except Q wants a child to stop the Q civil war, so him wasting all that time trying to sleep with Janeway, when his people are destroying each other, makes him seem like an idiot. Time is a factor, so him wasting time just to satisfy his ego, when he knows knows how high the stakes are, seems out of character and is just a bad idea in general. Q trying to sleep Janeway just a really bad idea for a story. I don't think Biller gets Q, so he is out of character in his episode.
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