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Re: La-La Land to release 15-disc original series score set

I keep thinking I'm going to have to look this stuff up but now I'm starting to think "Oh, Chris will have done that already."

So, Corbomite was the first produced, right? But it open with Kaplan's fanfare, doesn't it? (I'm making that assumption based on the fact that it is part of Label X's recording of The Enemy Within and it open The Doomsday Machine as well.) So how much later was that recorded? I'm trying to figure out the rhyme and reason of what was recorded when vs. what was used when. Whacky I tells ya.

I'm astounded at how short some of these (to me) "definitive" scores are. Corbomite is only 7 minutes? Balance of Terror is Five?

Just give me Hideous Balok and I'm happy. ('Cause it's also the music used for the Guardian of Forever.) Oh, and all of Charlie X.

BTW, terrific way to roll out the track listings. It's truly an event.
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