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I loved the soap opera of sending Daniel in to Goa'uld Khitomer with his ex-flame. I was yelling at the screen, DANIEL DON'T BE A PUSSY, YOU HAVE TO KILL HER!! Of course he hesitated. This is why he will never be a real man in my eyes. If you cannot slay your possessed ex-flame who is already doomed in order to spare countless thousands her fate you should go back to the library and get your ass off the SG:1 team.

Martouf now lives on. Hilariously though the Tok'ra can build ships that fly through space and grow tunnels they cannot build rock proof glass. I was impressed that a character I assumed was here today, gone tomorrow is now carrying Martouf's symbiont. This show really excels at using very minor characters sporadically and dramatically.

Zipacna is just hilarious. Such a heavy lidded smarm fest, I don't think I've ever seen anyone flare their nostrils and curl their lip simultaneously to such effect!


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