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Re: Movie Caption Contest #226: Talking Points

Patrick Stewart: These convention Photo-Ops are getting ridiculous...

Riker: No, Data, my trombone isn't "rusty"...

Joachim: You have defeated the plans of Admiral Kirk. You do not need to defeat him again.
Khan (cut scene): Do you know why must I defeat Kirk again, Joachim? Because, he... ummm, what's that... "thing"?
Joachim: What "thing"?
Khan: You know-
Joachim: No, I don't.
Khan: Yes, you do. It's that thing people do... well, not "do", but make you feel...
Joachim: I'm not following you...
Khan: It's kind of like a feeling you have...
Joachim: Hungry?
Khan: No! Now you're just making fun.
Joachim: Sorry...
Khan: TASKS!
Joachim: What?
Khan: "Tasks"! It's "tasks". I meant to say "tasks"...
Joachim: I don't know what that means.
Khan: You've never heard of "tasks"?
Joachim: No.
Khan: I use it all the time! "I task you!" and what not.
Joachim: If you say so...
Khan: Ok, I'm ready now. Ask me again?
Joachim: Ask what?
Khan: Say that thing again about Kirk...
Joachim: Oh, right! Uh... "You do not need to defeat him again-"
Khan (scene resumes): He TASKS me! He TASKS me, and I shall have him...
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