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BTW Hawking can easily extrapolate what he sees in academia and labs as well as what's possible in infotech that we have the transhumanist future I've described.
So can I.

Interestingly, I have a degree in computer science. Last time I checked, Stephen Hawking does not. So which one of us, exactly, is "the guy without a diploma?"

Frankly I'd take my opinion as an interested layman more seriously than someone off the street who has never ventured into such topics if we asked them about it.
Frankly, it doesn't seem that you care much about the opinion of ANYONE who doesn't implicitly validate the senstionalist theories of Ray Kurzweil.

Food for thought: Kurzweil is an inventor and a writer, which means his primary skill sets are creativity and communications (not coincidentally, most of his inventions involve communications technology). His predictions appear to be based on that same creativity, what HE thinks should be possible with available technology... so how many of Kurzweil's predictions have actually come true?
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