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Your post is straw-man
No, it's a thought experiment. The point is information source: is a scientific claim automatically more credible just because it is being made by a scientist? By extension: is expertise in ANY field equivalent to expertise in ALL fields?
It was a straw-man "thought experiment" (due to it reflecting reality so inaccurately, biasedly).

And the point I specifically made - and which you tried to combat by straw-man - is that any person/scientist/etc can use his/her credibility as he/she sees fit.
In which case, you concede the point: Stephen Hawking could make a patently absurd claim and have people believe him because He's Stephen Hawking, He Would Know. The basis of his prediction is almost immaterial; a complete nobody, making the same prediction, would be met with due skepticism even if his prediction had scientific merit. I'm actually surprised you have a problem with this, because this is EXACTLY what the Ancient Aliens/Paranomalist people are complaining about: nobody takes them seriously and calls them "crackpots" and "fringe theorists," and their ideas get panned automatically even when they're RIGHT about things. In the public eye, and even among some scientists, labels are often more important than data.

You most definitely tried to undermine predictions/ideas/etc (just in case you want to go another round of semantic hair-splitting) by attacking the scientists expressing them - P Davies, for example.
Instead of attacking the arguments they made, that is.
First of all, this is an Ancient Aliens thread. The "don't mock people who don't know what they're talking about" train left the station two months ago.

Second of all, is this you concern trolling for P Davies, or is there a specific prediction he made somewhere that you think is worthy of closer consideration?
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