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Re: Skyfall - Grading & Discussion

Went to a 5:45pm showing


Some parts dragged/got boring:

-Bond and Serverine's talk at the bar
-Bond and Severine heading to the island.

I understood 90% of what Bernice said.

The CGI komodo dragon didn't bother me. I was thinking "Maybe the bodyguard will throw back the gun?" LOL

Some of the dry humor got no response

-Provocateur? Provacateuress?


Some laughter at Silva touching Bond and Silva's facial expressions

Lot's of giddiness from the audience when the Aston showed up

"He went in to those tunnels. He didn't come out for two days. When he came back he wasn't a boy anymore"

Me- Batman?

Some people laughed at Silva's final moments



I was with some people that were expecting some BIGGER action. Roger Moore style escapist/Brosnan level escapism action.

"Skyfall" still had action but aside from the bike chase everything else was subdued

I guess what i'm saying is there was no big set action piece besides the bike chase/train fight.
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