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Re: Rank the Bond actors

Connery/Craig--Connery is the coolest, and set the standard for all Bonds to follow...but Craig IS the James Bond of Flemming's original novels, charming and suave but gritty and internally bitter at the injustice in the world.

Brosnan--suave, slick, smooth

Moore--while he can get TOO lighthearted at times, I will always love The Spy Who Loved Me, especially his solemn speech to Anya about why he killed the man she loved...and his ticked-off reaction to Anya bringing up the late Mrs. Bond.

Lazenby--his "serious" wasn't particularly charismatic or compelling, his "lighthearted" bordered on goofy (the less said about his interactions with the "allergy patients", the better)

I haven't seen The Living Daylights yet, and only a little of License To I haven't seen enough of Dalton to give much of a judgement. When I do, I'll get back to you.
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