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Re: Insignia Class Starship c. 2299

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Hmm- I hadn't really planned to put one on her, but you have now inspired me to do so... Hope you don't mind my using your idea. Though mine will be symetrical...
I'm going to explore the idea of popping two of these asymmetrical his & hers yachts along the spine of that ship I posted, as suggested. I hadn't really thought of that spine section as holding sockets for insignia-shaped yachts -until this thread came along.

I'm trying to cook up the pragmatic design reasons for the yacht being asymmetrical. Then again, it is a yacht, so there's no reason why there has to be an engineering reason for that shape. Rather, maybe I should put in the slight imperfections that suggest that engineers had to shoehorn pragmatic necessities into that design.

I can't wait to see what YOU do with the idea!
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